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Everything you need to know about Food Styling


Food Photography Image Captured by Fegi Poulose

If you guys ever come across a food magazine, cookbook, advertisement, or menu You guys got a watering mouth, It is all because the food is styled and photographed in a way that food itself may not be edible.

The key difference between food styling and simply photographing your favorite food is that the shots are composed.The very base or foundation of food styling involves using the freshest and the prettiest of food available in the best possible manner in order to make them highly pleasing to the eyes and this is exactly what we are going to know more about today!

I would like to share my favorite food styling tips for beginners. It's not always the camera or the lighting that can make your pictures look great. Hence, when we talk about food photography, you have to keep in mind the following pointer to get some mouth-watering food images.

  • Always use fresh ingredients

Food photographer in kerala

The key to achieve a high-quality look to the food in your photographs is to use the most fresh ingredients as much as possible. Food doesn't last forever, and its beauty usually dissipates before it spoils or loses flavor. Herbs and veggies sitting in a refrigerator have a very limited lifespan, so make sure you plan your photographs and buy your food the day of or the day before it's photographed. When shopping for ingredients for your shoot, be picky. Take your time to examine the food and pick the most beautiful pieces to build your masterpiece. If your recipe includes fruit, for example, make sure you choose evenly rounded and non dented pieces.

  • Go for mat than glossy

food photographer in kochi

Most of the plates you use are shiny and smooth, this will be a major problem when you come to post-processing also it lacks texture. if you're using artificial light it is very tough to photograph shiny and smooth objects and it will create blown-out highlights on the bowls. The texture will give a realistic feel to the images you capture.

  • Use Napkins

food stylist in Kerala

A folded piece of cloth adds movement and life to an image. Vintage table cloths can add textural background layers. it is very important to use your fabric correctly or it can end up looking too overpowering.

  • Make your food look real

food photographer and stylist honey photography

Keep it real as you are, don't hesitate to keep it a little messy. a spoon dipped in a bowl or a line of breadcrumbs helps and adds movement and life to a food photo, Use the spills to create lines that direct the viewer from one plate to another.

  • Prefer natural light

cocktail photography by fegi Poulose

When it comes to food photography my preferred choice is natural light, it is a little bit of tough but when you use it brilliantly it will give a good pleasing tone to your image. For beginners to start with, natural light is the best. Try to shoot during golden hours and avoid shooting on a harsh sunny day, because the image may look overexposed. so know nature and use natural light for your food photography.

  • Invest in backdrops

creative egg photography by fegi

Most budding food photographers have great creative ideas, but one thing that was missing in their composition was the use of good backdrops. mostly everyone uses their table from the drawing-room etc... but if you want to take some good shots you have to invest in food photography backdrops. For this you can go for 3 options ie, you can use Natural Backdrops such as marble slab, wooden pieces, rustic surfaces, etc... that is available nearby. secondly, you can paint it by user self on an MDF board or something or you can order food photography backdrops online

  • Add layers and height

mango fruit photography

While simply placing your objects on the surface try to layer them, each layer gives depth to your image. always remember to keep the objects at different heights and distances, this makes the image more eye-capturing and provides depth to your frame.

I honestly think that anyone can become a good food stylist with the right imagination and a knack for food photography. These tips on food styling for beginners is just the beginning of a marvelous journey that only you, yourself can maneuver.


About Author

Fegi Poulose is the founder and owner of Specializing in Food and Product photography, Fegi has worked with restaurants throughout Kerala to provide high-quality content that portrays the atmosphere and personality of the restaurant. Looking for a food photographer in Kerala? Get in touch today!

If you are a food blogger, then you have to remember that you are a photographer as well as a food stylist. Hence, this blog talks about everything you need to know as a beginner food stylist.

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