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Food Photography at Bharath Hotel Thrissur - The Best Client experience I have;

Updated: May 6, 2022


Today I would like to share you something about my recent client experience. When my childhood, whenever we choose vegetarian dinner, my family often took me to a place where I was able to create very wonderful food memories. It was Bharath Hotel, One among the best Vegetarian restaurant in Thrissur.

Even-though I am not a veg food lover, I loved the taste they served. Years passed, I chooses my career in food Photography. I Was really excited when I got a call from Bharath hotel to do food photography for them. To be very frank,I feel so proud to do the work.

On the first meeting I realized that they are developing a food culture there. They showed me each and every corner of the restaurant, made me aware about the hygiene they are maintaining, The way they purifying the water etc From the crisp masala dosa plates accompanied by various types of chutney and a steaming bowl of sambar, to the uthappams and idli, to the standard filter coffee, a meal whatever, the healthy standards they are maintaining in food preparations is really appreciable. After the discussions I fell extremely happy to associate with a brand like this.

I want to thank the management of Bharath Hotel for the collaboration throughout the work. It’s always a great feeling to wrap up another successful project, but they’ve made the entire process a pleasure. I appreciate their responsiveness and candid communication.

It’s been a joy to work with them.

Thank You Bharath Hotel. Keep serve love and food.


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